Hi, I’m Morgan and I like video games.

Difficulty: Beginner spawned from the notion that as much as I like video games, I don’t know everything about them. I don’t know about the art of gaming development or the ins and outs of the games industry and its various companies. But I am determined to find out.

Every gaming podcast I listened to or article I read always opened my eyes to something new that I didn’t know about before. And sure I was learning something, but there were still things left unexplained or explained enough for the common knowledge gamer.

So I created Difficulty: Beginner for the gamers out there like me; the ones that don’t know everything about the games industry but want to learn. Or for those just joining the gaming world and don’t know what everything means. Even for people who have been around the block a few times and know their stuff. I’m sure everyone has something to learn or contribute.

My goal is to take the news from the gaming community and break it down into a more understandable resource for gamers of all kinds.


*Just a side note: I am a PlayStation fan girl at heart. I will try not to be biased in my articles, but sometimes, a girl can’t help it.*