Google Enters the Ring


Google has its hands in almost every aspect of our lives. Nowadays who doesn’t have a Gmail account or hop on the search engine whenever you’re in a pickle? So it only makes sense that Google, a $100 billion company, wants to dip its toes in the world of gaming. But can it compete against the likes of big gaming companies like Sony and Microsoft, who have been in the battle for years?

Can it be a success?


It’s hard to tell what Google is planning for their console, but they are going to have to pull out the big guns for them to make an impact in the gaming world. Right now we have Sony leading the charge with its big bag of exclusive games, Xbox pulling all the stops in its hardware, and Nintendo with its innovative console design; where does Google hope to fit in? And with three big-name consoles in the game, not to mention gaming available on PC and mobile devices, how does Google expect to wheel in customer and convince them to purchase yet another console?

According to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Google has a plan in mind:

“We haven’t heard many specifics about Google’s video game plans, but what we have heard is that it’s a three-pronged approach: 1) Some sort of streaming platform, 2) some sort of hardware, and 3) an attempt to bring game developers under the Google umbrella, whether through aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions. That’s the word from five people who have either been briefed on Google’s plans or heard about them secondhand.” 

Let’s break it down:

1) Some sort of streaming platform


Google’s new plan to break into the gaming world could consist of stream-based gameplay. No more driving out to your local game store and buying the lasts games or waiting for the new releases to arrive in the mail. All the games you would ever need could be streamed directly to your console. With that kind of technology, the sharpest, highest end game could be streamed directly to even the cheapest gaming set up. As Jason Schreier quotes a fellow games enthusiast “just imagine playing The Witcher 3 within a tab on Google Chrome.” Another speculation is that they might somehow incorporate the Google-owned site Youtube into gameplay. Have you ever come across a boss that was just too good to beat or an unsolvable puzzle you couldn’t mind your way through? Well with the push of one button, a Youtube tutorial video could pop up on your screen and walk you through your rough patch. For some, these streaming rumors may be too good to be true. Lag issues and bad internet connections are all things, even with today’s games, we constantly have to worry about. Let’s hope Google has a solution for that.

2) Some sort of hardware


Not much has heard yet in terms of Google’s ideas on hardware. Right now speculators are determining whether they will try to enter the Sony verse Xbox war or try for something a little smaller and hoping the streaming aspect with keep them in the fight.

3) Bring in the Developers


One thing is certain, it’s hard to imagine with all the gaming systems in rotation today that Google is going to be able to hold their own ground just offering the same old games that every other system is offering. How can Google convince gamers to buy their system over all the others? One word; exclusives. It’s easy enough to see that Sony has taken lead in the console wars because of the quantity and quality of their PlayStation exclusive games; games that you can’t play anywhere other than on a PlayStation. Google should plan a strategy to hope to do the same. Roping in their own exclusive developers to build and design exclusive games for their console will surely give them a boost up the mountain they are attempting to contour.


This isn’t the first time a company has tried to enter into the fighting ring of the console wars, and it certainly won’t be the last. Everyone in the gaming industry will have to keep our eyes peeled on Google to see whether they are able to break the mishaps of those before them.



For the full Jason Schreier article on Google’s upcoming plans for a gaming consoles click the link below

Sources: Google Is Planning A Game Platform That Could Take On Xbox And PlayStation


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