Google Enters the Ring

Google has its hands in almost every aspect of our lives. Nowadays who doesn’t have a Gmail account or hop on the search engine whenever you’re in a pickle? So it only makes sense that Google, a $100 billion company, wants to dip its toes in the world of gaming. But can it compete against the likes of big gaming companies […]

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Sony’s Crossplay Battle

Sony has baffled the minds of its players and patrons once again; this time about something that is becoming all too familiar. On Tuesday, June 12, the first day of E3 2018, Fortnite was announced to be getting a port for the Nintendo Switch. Along with the announcement, speculations were formed on whether PS4 users would be […]

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E3 for the Novice Gamer

For those new to the gaming environment or even those who have been a part of it for years, E3 may be a term you have heard of but have never known its meaning. E3 is shorthand for The Electronic Entertainment Expo and has a great rich history in the industry of video games and […]

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